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Stuttgart Zone Map

Stuttgart Zone Map New prices for public transport in Stuttgart

Stuttgart. Hauptbahnhof. Sillenbuch. Hedelfingen. Wangen. Untertürkheim. Obertürkheim. Esslingen (N). Altbach. Lichtenwald. Urbach. Fellbach. Winterbach​. Welche Gemeinden oder Teilorte liegen in welcher Tarifzone? Geographische und schematische Karten und Pläne. Zum Liniennetz · Tarifzonenplan. Die jetzigen Tarifzonen 10 und 20 werden zu einer Tarifzone verschmolzen. Die gesamte Stadt Stuttgart liegt innerhalb der neuen Zone 1. Davon profitieren. Let's have a closer look at the different zones. What used to be zone one and two will be combined to only one zone. Here's an example. VVS maps and time tables. PUblic Transport at the airport. General map (german​) You need a ticket for 2 zones from Stuttgart Central Railway Station to the.

Stuttgart Zone Map

VVS maps and time tables. PUblic Transport at the airport. General map (german​) You need a ticket for 2 zones from Stuttgart Central Railway Station to the. Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe station is a station on the network of the Stuttgart S-​Bahn. Despite its Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe is located in Europe. Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe. Location in Europe. Show map of Baden-Württemberg Show map of Germany. Welche Gemeinden oder Teilorte liegen in welcher Tarifzone? Geographische und schematische Karten und Pläne. Zum Liniennetz · Tarifzonenplan.

Stuttgart Zone Map Video

VVS Stuttgart Tarifzonen ,U-Bahn and S-Bahn Zone Prise Map , Karte Metro Subway Train Www.Westernunion.De/Prepaid and international long-distance bus services leave from platforms 4 to 18, along with non-scheduled Services. The lack of space at airport meant Leolove only an underground station was considered. Sie profitieren davon, dass es keine Tariferhöhung gibt. April automatisch der neue Geltungsbereich einstellige Tarifzonen. Startseite Kundeninformation Tarifzonenreform. Download as PDF Printable version. Die Verbundpass-Nummer folgt darauf. Moreover, day tickets will become more info as. ZeitTickets und Verbundpass. Stuttgart Zone Map Die TicketPlus-Konditionen gelten selbstverständlich weiterhin. Wir zeigen Ihnen die neuen Zonen Ihres persönlichen Verbundpasses. You find more information about the new prices for public transport in Stuttgart in this brochure PDF Download. In Haus Zu Verschenken Bayern, the adjacent Filder station will be built as a two-track station for long-distance services to and from the new Wendlingen—Ulm high-speed railway and regional services running to and from Tübingen via the Small Wendlingen Curve Kleine Wendlinger Kurve. Tarifzonenplan Übergangsregelungen und Erstattungen Weitere Informationen. Die aktuellen und continue reading auch nach der Tarifzonenreform gültigen Preise finden Sie auf der jeweiligen Ticketseite. Moreover, tickets will become cheaper as .

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Hi Suraj, Stuttgart to Bietigheim-Bissingen should be 4 zones, you would pass zones 10, 20, 34 and Tip from a local: Take the public transport to get to Stuttgart Christmas Market!

First, thank you for this well-written post. I was wondering what are the opening hours for the U-Bahn? Especially on the week-end.

Do they run all night or later than during weekdays? Only the S-Bahn runs throughout the whole night on fridays and saturdays.

The U-Bahn usually starts around 4 something am in the morning and runs until 1 something at night. Of course the exact times depend on which U-Bahn you want to take and on which station you get on.

All the best Mel. I landed here 3 weeks back. Is there any way to get help as i did this by mistake. Hi Kumar, oh I am sorry that this happened to you.

But you can definitely try it, maybe they understand. Yours Mel. Im in Stuttgart for about two months visiting my partner, and I purchased a monthly u-Bahn ticket for zone1.

Does The monthly tickets also cover the bus system or only the u-Bahn? And does it cover anything else beyond that? Moreover you can also use the Zahnradbahn that leads from Marienplatz up to Degerloch and the Seilbahn from Heslach to Waldfriedhof.

Have a great time in Stuttgart! Hi, thank you for the information. Is there such a weekend ticket for travelling around the city?

Thanks in advance. The only thing you could do is buy two dayly tickets for Saturday and Sunday -or simply regular tickets of course.

Have fun exploring Stuttgart! Hi Mel, Thank you for the information. Maybe you could help, I have a monthly ticket for zone 1 and I would like to go into zone 2 just for one return trip.

Do I need to buy a new ticket that includes zone 1 and zone 2 or is there a cheaper option since I already have a zone 1 ticket?

Hi Samantha, when you already have a ticket for zone 1 you can simply buy an additional ticket for one more zone.

When someone comes to check your ticket you have to show him both. Have a great day! Hi, It was a good read.

I have a question. I am a student from Darmstadt and currently doing my internship in Stuttgart. I have a semester ticket for 6 months which covers the 5 regions.

After a few months, I am planning to travel from Heidelberg to Vaihingen and vice versa, which involves taking an IC on the route as well.

Can you suggest a possible solution with this? I suggest you go to an information center of Deutsche Bahn, for example at Hauptbahnhof, and ask there.

They well definitely be able to assist you. All the best and happy traveling, yours Mel. Ahh, lovely VVS.

I bought the 6 month student semester ticket as I live in Leinfelden, write my thesis in Hohenheim ie the library and work in either the Messe or Neuhausen auf Feldern.

Should be perfect, right? Well, students get after 6pm and weekends and feiertage free. I wonder how subsidised all the logistics and infrastructure were, so that they could afford such lovely stations, but never run trains through them.

It is literally monopoly pricing, with travel costs twice as high as Berlin. Possibly 3 times. And yet half the trains running, arguably because less people use it… but only because they cannot afford it.

VVS — Drive more often, reduce the price a little, and allow people to bring bicycles on the trains because the hills here are horrific.

You would actually see a large increase in your profits, and a decrease in your users blood pressure.

Hi John, thank you for your message. I am not VVS, you know that, right? I am a blogger how invested some time to explain the public transport system in Stuttgart to non-German-speakers.

You simply have to hand in an existing picture of yourself. The operator of the Stadtbahnen U-Bahnen — click here for more information about public transport in Stuttgart in general in Stuttgart, SSB, is aware of this problem and offers a special service for all women who travel […].

Hi Abigail, If you want to travel from zone 1 to zone 3 you need a ticket for three zones. All the best, Mel.

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How do I recognize the U-Bahn in Stuttgart? Where do I buy a ticket when I take the U-Bahn? Is there a special ticket for short trips?

How do I recognize the S-Bahn in Stuttgart? Where do I buy a ticket when I take the S-Bahn? Buses in Stuttgart Buses in Stuttgart connect short distances and are very reliable as well.

Where do I buy a ticket when I take a bus? For more information please visit my post New prices for public transport in Stuttgart Selecting the right zone Since April 1, you only need a ticket for 1 zone if you are travelling within the city of Stuttgart.

Ticket options You have different ticket options when you take public transport in Stuttgart. Public transport in Stuttgart — dogs and bikes Picture credit: canva.

However, limitations apply for the following timeframes: If you take the S-Bahn during rush-hour between 6 and 9 am on weekdays, you have to buy a child ticket for your bike.

You are not allowed to take your bike with you into a U-Bahn between 6 and am and 4 and pm. Bikes are not allowed on buses in Stuttgart.

Agree to all cookies. U-Bahn Metro lines are Central Europe. It is known as Stadtbahn Stuttgart and it is not a regular metro system but a light rail. In Public Transport. Tip from a local: Take the public transport to get to Click to see more Christmas Market! The underground itself, known as U-Bahn Stuttgartbegan its construction in

Sindelfingen Sindelfingen is a southern German town in Baden-Württemberg. Waiblingen Waiblingen is a town in the southwest of Germany , located in the center of the densely populated Stuttgart region, directly neighboring Stuttgart.

Sindelfingen and Böblingen are contiguous. Filderstadt Filderstadt is a town in the district of Esslingen in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

Line U14 : Its length is 20,8 km, it has 32 stations and journey time is 45 min. Line U15 : Its length is 16,3 km, it has 29 stations and journey time is 49 min.

Line U19 : Its length is 1,6 km, it has 3 stations and journey time is 3 min. Stutgart Stadtbahn's works from to Frecuency is minutes before and minutes after.

Schedules can be checked at its Official Website. A single ticket day is valid for unlimited travels from purchase date time, or if purchased in advance from the date of the first validation until the end of service lines including service buses night.

It is not transferable. You can get it at vending machines in the VVS, on the bus if there wasn't ticketing machines at the station, and authorized distributors.

The unused tickets purchased in advance are valid for one year, and no returns or exchanges are allowed. Buy it on the Website. The day ticket for groups allows unlimited travels on all public transport's network.

It can be used for up to five people, regardless of age, or parents with children up to age 17 no limit on the number of children.

The seat of a person can be replaced by an animal dog , and during peak hours Monday to Friday from am in commuter and regional trains can bring a bike instead of a person.

This ticket allows changing of lines, or transportation, or break the journey at one point and then continue it as long as you follow in the same direction.

The ticket can be used for two hours from your purchase at vending machines or on the bus. The 3 days ticket is an offer intended for tourists and visitors participating in congresses and conferences within the territory of the VVF, who stay in hotels, hostels or guest houses.

It lasts for 3 consecutive days from the time it is used for the first time and allows unlimited travel within the area purchased.

It is valid for one adult, or one adult and two children It's not transferable. Tourists and commuters also need a green emissions sticker and are subject to the diesel traffic ban.

The green sticker indicates unlimited permission to drive in the area - except the vehicle is covered by the diesel traffic ban.

All vehicles are classified in one of emission categories 1 to 4. In Stuttgart the ban applies to all vehicles classified as belonging to Emission Category 1.

As of July 1, the ban applies also to vehicles in Emission Category 2 and as of January 1, it applies also to vehicles in Emission Category 3.

According to the new vehicle classification regulations, vehicles with older US catalytic converters, which were previously classified as belonging to Emission Category 1, are now given an Emission Category 4 sticker, as are cars retrofitted with diesel soot filters in Euro-1 emission class and HGVs.

These individuals must be able to provide evidence of this with the letters aG, H or Bl in their severely handicapped ID pass, Vehicles for which special rights can be claimed in accordance with Paragraph 35 of the German Road Traffic Regulations, Vehicles belonging to non-German troops from non-contractual states of the North Atlantic Pact, which are in Germany for purposes of military co-operation, and on condition that the vehicles are being used for journeys required for urgent military reasons, Civilian vehicles that are being used by order of the German Federal Armed Forces, as long as this concerns undelayable journeys required to fulfil official duties for the German Federal Armed Forces, Classic cars in accordance with Paragraph 2, No.

Yes, vehicles with foreign registration plates are also required to display a sticker. The following options are available for vehicles with non-German registration plates: After crossing the German border the sticker can be obtained by showing your motor vehicle registration certificate at, for example, authorised garages, vehicle inspection and emissions testing centres and at motor vehicle registration offices.

It is advisable to send them well in advance of your trip at least 10 days. We do not recommend making an application by fax, since the technical data is often difficult to read off a faxed copy.

If a sticker can be issued, it will be sent to you by mail with a request for payment. Charges for transfers from other countries may be different and information about this can be provided by your bank.

In the event that an emissions sticker cannot be issued, you will be informed of this in writing; this information is provided free of charge.

You can also apply for a sticker from the following commercial organisations: Dekra Automobil GmbH Handwerkstrasse 15 Stuttgart Germany www.

Particulate emissions stickers are available from the city of Stuttgart for a charge of 6 Euros each.

Stuttgart Zone Map Der neue Tarifzonenplan

Babywelt Stuttgart — the fair for everything about link little one Posted on Continue reading 26, Selbstverständlich können Sie auch weiterhin Wertmarken am Automat oder in unseren Click to see more sowie Verkaufsstellen erwerben. This means you pass through fewer zones on one trip and thus have to pay. More info Struktur der TagesTickets verändert sich zum 1. S-Bahn Stuttgart. April die neue Zonengültigkeit nutzen. The trains run between 5. Download as PDF Printable version. The intense work required for the tunnel delayed the planned source of the line and the station for several years, so more info S-Bahn services on line S 2 for terminated in Oberaichen from May Für alle Tickets mit zeitlicher Überlappung gilt: Aus dem altem Geltungsbereich zweistellige Tarifzonen wird ab 1. Next Post What's up this weekend - March 30 and 31 in Stuttgart. The construction of the station allowed for the extension of the underground route. Direktzu Stuttgart Views Read Edit See more history. More information vvs. Die gesamte Stadt Stuttgart liegt innerhalb der neuen Zone 1. Can I save even more? Directions at the airport. TFL [2]. Bremen Erfurt—Weimar.

Stuttgart Zone Map - What will the reform and the new prices for public transport in Stuttgart cover?

Davon profitieren insbesondere die Fahrgäste in Stuttgart — aber natürlich auch Pendler, die in die Landeshauptstadt fahren. However, the provision of better public transport links to the airport at that time was not considered a priority and had no urgency. You can calculate your new rate here. Entwertbare Tickets behalten weiterhin ihre Gültigkeit bis 1 Jahr nach Tarifanpassung und gelten nach dem 1. Hello and welcome to "living in Stuttgart". And when you travel quite a bit with public transport you can get a subscription. Stuttgart Zone Map Stuttgart Maps. freizeit und kultur Freizeit & Kultur; leben und wohnen Leben & Wohnen; natur und umwelt Natur & Umwelt; Verkehr & Mobilität; bodenrichtwerte​. Durch die Bildung der Stuttgarter Einheitszone profitieren alle. Einpendler aus den Landkreisen ins Zentrum von Stuttgart (bisherige Zone 10), indem sie mindes-. Franck'sche Verlagshandlung, Stuttgart Standard Time Zone Chart ofthe Euskirchen, z.B. Ausgabe 2DMG Zeitzonenkarte (Map oftime zones); M0 = 1. Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe station is a station on the network of the Stuttgart S-​Bahn. Despite its Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe is located in Europe. Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe. Location in Europe. Show map of Baden-Württemberg Show map of Germany. Stuttgart Haltestelle. Thanks here advance. Do vehicles with foreign registration plates need a sticker? Metro map go here Stuttgart. If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the file No matter what ticket you buy, always make sure you have selected the right number of zones. Here U1. In Public Transport.

Stuttgart Zone Map Video

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